MDEQ To Announce State of the Art Process For Public Involvement – Restoring The Coast


Who: MDEQ Executive Director Trudy Fisher

What: MDEQ Announces State of the Art Process For Public Involvement In Restoration


Where: Thursday, Oct 17th, Gautier City Council Chambers, Gautier


When: Noon–Press Conference



Mississippi is the first, of the Gulf Coast states affected by the BP oil spill, to give the public a state of the art online process for submitting restoration project ideas.


MDEQ’s Executive Director says: “This new process allows everyone who wants to be involved in restoring our coast to do so simply by visiting our website and submitting their ideas. I want everyone to know their voice matters, and we really want to hear from them on how we can work together to Make Mississippi Whole. This is a great way for anyone to submit ideas and be a part of the restoration process.”


The public can submit project ideas by visiting The system is an easy to use, step by step process that guides users through the project submittal process.


While the full extent of the injuries to Gulf Coast resources will take time to define and understand, Executive Director Fisher and the Mississippi Restoration team are moving quickly to develop restoration ideas.


Using a team of scientists and other subject matter experts, MDEQ is collaborating with state agencies, local governments, NGO’s, residents, industries, and business owners as we move forward together to make Mississippi whole.


Director Fisher is committed to keeping the public informed about MDEQ’s efforts to restore our Gulf coast. MDEQ has set up a texting service which allows Director Fisher to send text messages about the agency’s upcoming projects, public meetings, and other information concerning restoration work on the coast.


If you would like to receive text messages from Director Fisher, text the word “RESTORE” to 601-863-8082.


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