MDEQ Reminds Residents of Water Contact Advisories
City of Jackson Releases Wastewater During Maintenance

(JACKSON, Miss.) — The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) was notified by the City of Jackson that planned maintenance at the Savanna Street wastewater treatment plant, in addition to recent wet weather, is resulting in the release of minimally treated wastewater into the Pearl River. Maintenance activities are scheduled to be complete Wednesday although additional wet weather may prolong the discharge.

A water contact advisory for the Pearl River, immediately downstream of the Savanna Street wastewater treatment plant, has been and remains in effect.  Furthermore, a water contact advisory for the Pearl River and its tributaries in the vicinity of the City of Jackson remain in effect.  These tributaries include Purple Creek, Three Mile Creek, Cany Creek, White Oak Creek, Hanging Moss Creek, Town Creek, Lynch Creek, Eubanks Creek, Hardy Creek, Trahon Creek, Big Creek, and Belhaven Creek (including Belhaven Beach).  Also included is Tilda Slough which is along the south side of Pascagoula Street and east of Jefferson Street (parallel to Pascagoula Street) that flows through an underground culvert then emerges at I-55 near the Pearl Street exit.  This slough drains north under High Street where it is pumped to the Pearl River (see attached map).

MDEQ recommends that people avoid water contact recreational activities such as swimming, wading, and fishing in these waters.