MDEQ Issues Water Contact Advisory for Terrapin Skin Creek in Rankin County

(JACKSON, Miss.) – The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) issued a water contact advisory Monday for a segment of Terrapin Skin Creek in Rankin County. The advisory extends on the creek from just above Highway 80 in Brandon to where it crosses Highway 18.

MDEQ recommends that people avoid water contact such as swimming, wading, and fishing in that section of the creek. People should also avoid eating fish or anything else taken from these waters until further notice. MDEQ will monitor the water quality in the creek and will revise the advisory as needed.

The advisory is being issued due to a break in a small, four inch line from a commercial building that is discharging sewage into Terrapin Skin Creek. In addition, the creek is backflowing this water into the city’s main sewer line. The city is excavating this line to determine the extent of the problem and make repairs. MDEQ will remain in contact with city officials and adjust the advisory if necessary.

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