MDEQ Issues Water Contact Advisories For Two Locations in Harrison County

Two Advisories in Hancock County Lifted

**Note updated from press release issued earlier today**


(JACKSON, Miss.) — The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), through its Beach Monitoring Program, issued water contact advisories Thursday for two sampling stations in Harrison County.  These segments of beach are not closed; however, there may be an increased risk of illness associated with swimming in these areas.


MDEQ is working closely with local officials to advise residents that the water in the following locations may have high bacteria levels:


●Station 10B – East Courthouse Road Beach – from Courthouse Road east to Teagarden Road (


●Station 11A – Edgewater Beach – from Debuys Road east to Edgewater Avenue (



The advisories in Hancock County at the following locations are lifted:


●Station 1 – Lakeshore — from the Silver Slipper east to the jetty west of Poinset Avenue.


● Station 3 – Waveland Beach — from Oak Boulevard east to Favre Street.


When water samples show that levels are safe for human contact, the advisories will be lifted.  The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, which performs water sampling of the Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches for MDEQ, notifies the agency when an area has returned to acceptable levels.

Additionally, swimmers are reminded that the Beach Task Force has a standing recommendation that swimming not occur during or within 24 hours of a significant rainfall event.


More information on the Mississippi Beach Monitoring Program:

To receive beach advisories directly, send an email to for inclusion in a public group email list, text “beach” to 601-863-8082,

or follow MDEQ on Twitter at!/MDEQ.