Governor’s Task Force to Host Water Conservation Summit

The Governor’s Delta Sustainable Water Resources Task Force will host an Irrigation and Water Conservation Summit at the Capps Center in Stoneville, MS on December 10th from 9:30 a.m. until 3:20 p.m. The event will begin with a General Session followed by 5 Breakout Sessions, each with 5 concurrent presentations. Producers, landowners, consultants, natural resource professionals and other interested parties may choose which presentation to attend during each Breakout Session. After the 2nd Breakout Session, another General Session will be held as lunch is served before resuming Breakout Sessions at 1:00 p.m.

The initial General Session will include introductory remarks by Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.
Dr. Jason Krutz, Mississippi State University Irrigation Specialist, will then present results from the 2014 MSU RISER Program. Kay Whittington, Director of the Office of Land and Water Resources at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, will discuss Task Force progress during lunch.

Eleven different presentations will be offered during the 5 Breakout Sessions. Presentations will include:

1. Maximizing Irrigation Efficiency in Rice
2. Maximizing Furrow Irrigation Efficiency in Corn, Cotton and Soybeans
3. Economics of Irrigation, Conservation and Water Availability
4. Using the New, Free Pipe Planner from Delta Plastics
5. Pump Performance to Increase Irrigation Efficiency
6. Cover Crops to Maximize Available Soil Water
7. Automated Irrigation Systems
8. Proper Use of Surge Values
9. Use of Meters as a Conservation Tool
10.Signing Up for NRCS Irrigation Management Practices
11.Maximizing Pivot Performance

Breakout Session speakers will include professionals from Mississippi State University, University of Arkansas, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, YMD Joint Water Management District, Delta Plastics, and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Farmers will also be coupled with several of the speakers to share their experiences related to the subject matter being discussed. Breakout Sessions will be offered twice during the day.

Lunch will be provided to those attending the event, but no registration is required. All producers, landowners, consultants, natural resource professionals and other interested parties are welcome to attend.