Gov. Bryant Announces  Treasury’s Award of Two RESTORE Projects

(JACKSON, Miss.) — Gov. Phil Bryant announced today that the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) has issued grant awards for two Mississippi RESTORE projects.  The two projects are the Port Bienville Trans-Loading Terminal Facility Completion ($8 million) and the Jackson County Corridor Connector Road – Phase I ($10.2 million).

“This is good news as we continue to propose and implement projects to support the economic and natural resource recovery of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the entire Gulf region resulting from the oil spill,” Gov. Bryant said. “I had the opportunity to meet with Secretary Steven Mnuchin in May to discuss Mississippi’s priorities.  The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and Treasury have, and will continue to work together, to improve processes which will result in additional awards in the imminent future.”

The two infrastructure projects benefitting the economy are:

Port Bienville Trans-Loading Terminal Facility Completion ($8 million) — RESTORE funding will be used to construct approximately 1,600 linear feet of rail spur, 1,200 linear feet of bulkhead, and 9,300 square yards of dock area. This project will improve the terminal for use in trans-loading of materials and will support container-on-barge operations. The terminal may also be used to support supply vessels in the offshore industry.

Jackson County Corridor Connector Road – Phase I ($10.2 million) — The Mississippi Gulf Coast has seen significant development near the intersection of I-10 and I-110 in recent years. Existing transportation networks have also developed to support the increase in traffic to the area; however, traffic congestion, system continuity, and traveler safety still pose challenges. This project will construct Phase I of a multi-phased project and will provide support to the existing transportation networks by constructing 1.1 miles of new roadway connecting Mallett Road/Sangani Boulevard to Cook Road.

These two projects are part of Mississippi’s initial Multiyear Implementation Plan (MIP) which includes proposed projects totaling more than $54.1 million.  The projects were proposed to the governor by the GoCoast 2020 Commission and announced in December 2015.

The RESTORE Act requires the state, through MDEQ, to prepare the MIP for Direct Component Funding, which is administered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Some of the eligible activities that can be included in the state’s MIP include: restoration and protection of natural resources; mitigation of damage to natural resources; workforce development and job creation; improvements to state parks; infrastructure projects, including ports; coastal flood protection; and, promotion of tourism and Gulf seafood.

More information about Mississippi’s restoration plans and projects can be found at

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