Geospatial Resources

The Geospatial Resources Division administers the Mississippi Digital Earth Model (MDEM), supports the Mississippi Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems in its coordination of GIS activities in the state, and helps manage the development of new Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRM).

The Geospatial Resources Division was formerly called the Energy and Coastal Geology Division, whose mission was to investigate, map, and compile reports on oil and gas related geology and coastal geology. The results of the investigations and mapping were disseminated through publications, professional presentations, and online databases.


We operate an historical oil and gas information Web site with extensive data on fields and wells. The division no longer operates a statewide GPS base station network.

Energy Section

The Energy Section conducts research into the petroleum geology and oil and gas resources of Mississippi. Study areas have included the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, shallow piercement salt domes, the Black Warrior Basin, and offshore waters.

Energy Library — searchable database of oil and gas well and field information

Mineral Lease

This division formerly was responsible for the Mineral Lease function, which meant the management of the state’s 600,000+ acres of non-educational state-owned minerals. Duties included leasing, permitting of seismic exploration, and collecting royalties, bonuses, and rentals. As of July 1, 2004, responsibility for the Mineral Lease function was transferred to the Mississippi Development Authority.

Coastal Geology Section

The Coastal Geology Section studies coastal geologic sediments, processes, and landforms. Projects include monitoring barrier island migration, coastal erosion and accretion on the mainland and islands, beach nourishment, and determination of state versus private ownership of the extensively modified shoreline.

Coastal Geology – Coastal Resource and GIS data

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