1. What information is available to me through enSearch? enSearch provides general information about agency interests (AIs) including permitting and compliance activities.
  2. What is an agency interest (AI)? An agency interest is a person, place, or operation of interest to MDEQ. An agency interest is generally a location such as a site or facility that is regulated by MDEQ.
  3. What is an Agency Interest Identification Number (AI ID) An Agency Interest Identification Number (AI ID) is a unique identifier assigned to each agency interest.
  4. What is an active permit? An active permit is a permit that (1) has effective dates that have not expired and (2) contains limitations and requirements that an agency interest must comply with as a condition to conduct a requested activity.
  5. What is the difference between a permit and a certificate of coverage? Permit Coverage Certificates are granted to agency interests requesting authority to operate under a General Permit. General Permits are issued for a specific activity instead of for a specific agency interest. Examples of issued General Permits are Storm Water Baseline, Storm Water Construction, Asphalt, Mining, Hydrostatic Testing, Land Disposal, Ready Mix Concrete, UST, and Wood Treating. For more information on General Permits or to view a general permit please visit the EPD General Permits Branch page. An Individual Permit is issued to a specific agency interest with limitations and requirements that are specific to the agency interest’s unique circumstances. These permits are applicable only to the facilities for which they were created.
  6. What is a permit number? A permit number is an identifier assigned by MDEQ for an agency interest’s permit. While an agency interest has a single Agency Interest Identifier, it may have multiple permit numbers.
  7. What is an SIC Code? An SIC Code is a Standard Industrial Classification number developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the U.S. Department of Labor. You may click here for a link to search for an SIC Code
  8. How can I view SIC codes and the section of industry they represent? Click on the following link to access the official site: OSHA’s SIC Page.
  9. What is a basin? A basin is a collection of watersheds (the area where rainfall collects) that drain into a nearby river. The state is divided into ten basins: Big Black River Basin, Yazoo River Basin, Coastal Streams Basin, Mississippi River Basin – direct dischargers to MS, North Independent Streams Basin, Pascagoula River Basin, Pearl River Basin, South Independent Streams Basin, Tennessee River Basin, Tombigbee River Basin.
  10. How can I view a basin map? The map is available as a Basins Image or Basins Acrobat Document.
  11. Where can I find more information about MDEQ? You may go to the MDEQ web site by selecting the MDEQ link at the top of the page. To find information on permitting activities go directly to the Environmental Permits Division. You may find more information about MDEQ’s regulatory data and data integration activities at MDEQ’s Data Integration Division page.
  12. What is meant by “start” and “end” dates for permits and certificates of coverage? The start date for a permit or certificate of coverage is the day the permit conditions become effective. The end date is the day the permit conditions are no longer in effect.
  13. Where can I find more information about other Mississippi State agencies? By clicking on the riverboat link at the top of the page or http://www.ms.gov/.