MDEQ is soliciting public comments on the proposed reissuance of MDEQ Hazardous Waste Management Permit No. HW057226961 for the Cavenham Forest Industries facility located at 9502 Creosote Road in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Cavenham Forest Industries has submitted an application to MDEQ for the continued post-closure care activities of their closed surface impoundment. Additional project information for the MDEQ draft permit, including the draft permit, the permit rationale document, and the public notice are listed below.

Public Notice Draft Permit – Cavenham

Cavenham Public Notice Fact Sheet

Cavenham Public Notice

Any interested person may submit comments in writing or by email at any time during the 45-day public comment process. Written comments for the MDEQ permit should be sent to William Rider by email ( or by mail to MDEQ, P. O. Box 2261, Jackson, MS 39225. Comments should be made no later than May 30, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact William Rider (601-961-5184) or at