Smoke School

Cancellation of Smoke School Scheduled for April 14-16, 2020, Jackson, Mississippi

Due to the guidance and restrictions put in place by the State of Mississippi concerning COVID-19, MDEQ is cancelling the smoke school scheduled for April 14-16, 2020.  MDEQ is not requiring regulated facilities to pursue alternate means of certification at this time.  MDEQ will be working to provide guidance for regulated entities concerning opacity requirements that are certified by visible emission evaluation (VEE) should no certified reader be available.  We do encourage facilities to continue to perform VEE’s as required regardless of whether your certification is still valid or not.  Please be patient as we work through this process.  Once the guidance referenced above is available, we will make it available to the regulated community via multiple pathways.

The next smoke school will be scheduled in October 2020.

Thank you,
Chad LaFontaine, P.E.
Chief, Air Division
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
PO Box 2261
Jackson, MS 39225-2261
601.961.5707 (office)