Changes to Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Notification Forms

Notification forms for Asbestos Demolition/Renovation and Lead-Based Paint Abatement/Renovation have been updated by MDEQ’s Air Division.  The asbestos notification form can be found here and the lead-based paint notification form can be found here.

MDEQ requests that owners and operators of asbestos and lead-based paint project facilities begin using the new forms immediately.  Older versions of each form will continue to be accepted for a period of one year from the date of this announcement.  Also, please update any copies of the notification forms that you may have on file to the most current version.

New Email Address for Submission

MDEQ has also created a new email address for the submission of asbestos and lead-based paint project notifications.  The email address is  Notifications that have been property completed and signed will be accepted as the original notification and a mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered copy will no longer be required.  Notifications for lead-based paint abatement projects will still need to be delivered to the MDEQ office along with the required fee.