Water Pollution Control Emergency Loan Fund (WPCELF) Program

This program is funded by the state; therefore, no federal funds or federal mandates are required. This emergency program is designed to provide limited, low-interest, shorter-term loan assistance for emergency repairs, replacement and improvements that cannot wait for a regular funding cycle. The loan terms and funding limitations are not quite as attractive as the other state revolving fund loan program (WPCRLF), but the planning and time required is considerably less. The intent of the fund is to provide monies to communities in a timely manner to handle emergencies.

How To Get Started

Municipalities, public sewer districts or other eligible recipients who are interested in obtaining loan funding for emergency water pollution control projects should do the following:

1. Hire a consulting engineer registered in Mississippi.

2. Contact Mike Freiman, SRF coordinator, at (601) 961-5271, describe the emergency project, and obtain a precommitment emergency determination.

3. Complete and submit a loan application package.