Construction Branch

The Construction Branch is part of the Surface Water Division of the Office of Pollution Control. It provides support and management of various loan programs which exist to provide low interest loan financing of water pollution control projects for public entities in Mississippi.

Water Pollution Control Loan Programs

The Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan Fund (WPCRLF) is Mississippi’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF).  The Mississippi Legislature created the WPCRLF in 1989 pursuant to Title VI of the Clean Water Act, which authorized the federal CWSRF Program.  Eligible applicants (cities, towns, districts, authorities, county boards of supervisors, state agencies, etc.) may receive low interest loans for water pollution control projects, including wastewater collection/treatment projects, non-point/stormwater pollution control projects, and estuary management projects.  For more information about the federal CWSRF program please refer to this USEPA web page:  CWSRF federal program

The Mississippi Legislature created the Water Pollution Control Emergency Loan Fund (WPCELF) in 1999 to help address smaller, more urgent wastewater needs not readily met by the WPCRLF Program.  Eligible applicants (same as above) may receive loans for emergency water pollution control projects.

Drinking Water Loan Programs
  • Drinking Water Systems Improvements and Emergency Revolving Loan Fund Programs

These drinking water loan programs are managed by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Other Funding Sources

For a guide to all grants and loans for wastewater, drinking water, stormwater and solid waste projects (from MDEQ as well as other agencies), please download the latest Funding Matrix below.