Commission On Environmental Quality

The Commission on Environmental Quality is empowered to formulate department policy, enforce rules and regulations, receive funding, conduct studies for using the state’s resources, and discharge duties, responsibilities and powers as necessary.

The seven members are appointed by the Governor–one from each 1978 Congressional District and two at-large.  The members serve staggered, seven-year terms, and advice and consent of the Senate is required.


Chair: Brenda Lathan (Second District)

Vice Chair: Patrick L. Johnson, Jr. (First District)

Jack Winstead (Third District)

Jamie Martin (Fourth District)

John Dane III (Fifth District)

Chat Phillips (At-Large)

W.J. (Billy) Van Devender (At-Large)

Meeting Date, Time, and Location

The Commission routinely meets at 9:00 a.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month.