Environmental Scientist

MDEQ Environmental Scientists are technical positions requiring professional degrees and knowledge, and are essential to the accomplishment of both the regulatory and research missions assigned to MDEQ by mandatory federal and state environmental laws.  MDEQ Environmental Scientists must be able to completely understand and act upon new and changing federal regulations, new developments in environmental science and new technologies while ensuring compliance and exploring opportunities to benefit Mississippi.

  • Collects, preserves, and labels air, water, soil, and other environmentally related samples.
  • Performs routine physical, chemical, biological, or geological field and laboratory tests, assays, and analyses.
  • Performs onsite inspections and field investigations.
  • Maintains records and reports for onsite inspections and field investigations.
  • Maintains chemicals and supplies for testing.
  • Performs basic maintenance of equipment and instruments.
  • Provides proactive information to stakeholders to keep them informed of current and potential environmental situations.
  • Performs sample preparation and analytical analysis of environmental samples.
  • Performs appropriate quality assurance and quality control procedures required for the analysis.
  • Ensures proper handling and disposal of toxic chemicals and hazardous waste.
  • Performs complex maintenance and repairs for laboratory chemical instruments.
  • Schedules analysis within holding times to ensure orderly flow of samples through the system.
  • Performs calculations necessary to compile data into a format that addresses requirements of the agency and EPA.
  • Completes the process of data introduction into the Laboratory Information Management System.
  • Prepares reference standards and solutions for analysis.
  • Utilizes various instrumentation software programs to complete data review and reports.
  • Performs related or similar duties as required or assigned

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