2018 MPMCSA Emergency Response Preparedness Seminar

The Mississippi Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (MPMCSA) sponsored an Emergency Response Preparedness seminar on  September 18, 2018.  Effective planning is the key to success in any situation, and this is especially true when faced with an emergency.  In order to plan effectively for an emergency event, an understanding of the regulations, risks, and potential impacts, as well as the expectations and resources available for properly handling these events, is crucial.  This seminar provided the attendees with information from MDEQ regarding the state’s expectations when dealing with an environmental emergency.  Additionally, attendees were presented with valuable information on contingency planning including what to look for in their written plans and the process for site closure.  The seminar concluded with a discussion of what to look for in a response contractor, the do’s and don’ts of emergency response, and managing responder relationships during the emergency.

The following presentations were part of the seminar: