Mississippi Dam Safety Fund

During the 2020 legislative session, officials passed Section 19 of House Bill 1730 creating the Mississippi Dam Safety Fund.   The fund is established to allow applicant high hazard dam owners to apply for a grant to assist them with work on eligible high hazard dams in the state to improve the safety of the structure.  Funds will be available to the owners of high hazard dams that are in Fair, Poor or Unsatisfactory condition.  There is currently a one-time funding amount of $1,940,000 available for grants.  The grant funds may be utilized for the purposes of draining, repairing, rehabilitating, breaching or removing high hazard dams as necessary to protect downstream lives and property.  Repairs and rehabilitation activities must address deficiencies that prevent the dam from being in compliance with the Mississippi high hazard standards.  Please see the grant guidelines for more information.

MS Dam Safety Program Grant Guidelines

MS Dam Safety Fund Grant Application