GoCoast 2020

GoCoast 2020 was created by Executive Order by Governor Phil Bryant, and serves as the official advisory body to the Governor for allocation of monies received by the State of Mississippi under the RESTORE Act.

Composed of more than 100 business and community leaders and elected officials from across the Mississippi Gulf Coast, GoCoast 2020 was tasked with charting a vision for the Gulf Coast to make recommendations to the Governor for initiatives and projects related to eco-restoration, economic development, small business, seafood, tourism, education, infrastructure, and workforce development. The group also relies on input from the public to help in the process of integrating existing plans and resources into the effort to create a bold, ambitious, and comprehensive picture of a vibrant Gulf Coast of the future.

The GoCoast 2020 Report was published in January 2013, and includes recommendations and ideas accessible to policymakers and citizens. GoCoast 2020 was reconvened in July 2016 to evaluate the current status of restoration in Mississippi, as well as to

GoCoast 2020’s eight key areas of focus were:
  • Eco-restoration
  • Economic development
  • Seafood
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism
  • Workforce development
  • Small business
  • Research and education

The eight committees, referred to as GoTeams, compiled individual reports that were utilized in preparing the final GoCoast 2020 Report. Each GoTeam was tasked with providing a narrative of priorities, benefits, and its potential overall impact for their area of focus for the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast—on a regional basis—not just for a particular city or county.

The final report is not intended to be a list of specific project funding requests. The final GoCoast 2020 Report serves as a Coast-driven vision for the future that lays a foundation for the implementation of the RESTORE Act so that Mississippi can be as prepared as possible to maximize the use of RESTORE Act funding in a way that is responsible and prudent with a major emphasis placed on preserving and advancing the unique region of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The following is a list of members of the Go Teams for GoCoast 2020. Other members will be added to this list throughout the process.

Economic Development
Glenn McCullough, MDA, Co-Chair
Anthony Wilson, Co-Chair
Charles Busby
Chris Anderson
Bob Occhi
Clay Wagner
Scott Delano
Dave Estorge
John Harral
Shorty Sneed
Tony Smith
Tom Kovar
Clay Williams
George Freeland
Small Business
Billy Hewes III, Co-Chair
Mark Henry, MDES, Co-Chair
Don Halle
Tish Williams
Kent Nicaud
David Baria
George Schloegel
John Read
Bob Mahoney
Mark Cumbest
Farrell Alman
Greg Haney
Jim Blevins
Kim LaRosa
Chevis Swetman
David Hughes
Michael Watson, Co-Chair
Gary Rikard, MDEQ, Co-Chair
Travis Lott
Tommy Schafer
Mark McAndrews
Steve Renfroe
Jerry St. Pe
Tom King
Kevin Coggin
Al Hopkins
Richard Bennett
Randy Bosarge
Dane Maxwell
Stephen Landry
Steve Bevilaqua
Eco Restoration
Brice Wiggins, Co-Chair
Gary Rikard, MDEQ, Co-Chair
Anice Liddell
Brandon Pike
Laura Bowie
Hank Zuber
Billy Broomfield
Kay Kell
Judy Steckler
Tommy Gollott
Les Fillingame
LaDon Swann
Bob Fairbank
Research and Education
Richard Bennett, Co-Chair
Jamie Miller, Co-Chair
David Brannon
Dr. Eric Powell
Carolyn Crawford
Timmy Ladner
Moby Solangi
Rodney D. Bennett
Randall Patterson
Ed Blakeslee
Glenn Boyce
Patricia Willis, Co-Chair
Phillip Moran, Co-Chair
Jamie Miller, Co-Chair
Richard Gollott
Jay Trochesset
Mark Mavar
Sean Desporte
Joe Jenkins
Debbie Dawkins
Jeffrey Guice
Brent Gutierrez
John Hairston, Co-Chair
Glenn McCullough, MDA, Co-Chair
Woody Bailey
Rick Carter
Frank Bertucci
Mark LaSalle
Casey Eure
Kimberly Nastasi
Denny Meachim
Kathy Wilkinson
Richard Chenowith
Beverly Martin-Burkholder
Sean Tindell
Frank Genzer
Matt McDonald
Margaret Miller
Chet Harrison
Workforce Development
Jim McIngvale, Co-Chair
Mark Henry, MDES, Co-Chair
Mary Graham
Chris Monforton
Jonathan Jones
Doug McLeod
Manly Barton
Marilyn Minor
Dianne Payne
Jimmy Lane
Sonya Williams-Barnes
Donald Evans
Ron Peresich
Leonard Bentz