Industrial Stormwater

The Baseline General Permit was reissued on November 17, 2015. Active coverage recipients were sent a Letter of Instruction package, which outlined options/instructions for continuing or terminating coverage, summarized changes incorporated in this renewal and transmitted copies of the Re-Coverage and Termination Forms. Recipients have 45 days from the date of the instruction letter to respond. Facilities with an active coverage that did not receive an instruction letter should contact their MDEQ permitting representative. If you do not know your permitting representative, you can click here and enter the nine digit coverage number (MSR00_ _ _ _) listed on your coverage certificate in the Permit Number query box, then click on the “Search ” button. Click on the :AI ID” number corresponding to your facility in the table displayed under “Results:.” The name and phone number of your permitting representative will be listed in the table entitled “Office of Pollution Control Contacts.”

Due to the circumstances surrounding the state’s response to the COVID-19 situation and for your convenience and safety, EPD is temporarily accepting electronic applications. You can submit electronic applications for general permit coverages here.

General Permit
Forms Package (includes No Exposure and termination forms)
State SWPPP Guidance Manual
EPA SWPPP Guidance Manual
Industrial Activities Requiring NPDES Permit Coverage
No Exposure Certification Guidance Manual