Solid Waste Facilities Reporting Program

The Mississippi Nonhazardous Solid Waste Management Regulations require the owner of a solid waste management facility to submit an annual report to the MDEQ each year on or before February 28th. The annual report should include information on the solid waste disposal activities conducted during the preceding calendar year. Solid waste management facilities (that must comply with the annual reporting requirements) include commercial and noncommercial landfills, commercial and noncommercial rubbish sites, composting facilities, and land application sites.

The basis for these reporting requirements is found in the Mississippi Code Annotated Section 17-17-219 (supp. 2007), which also requires the owner of a commercial solid waste disposal facility to file a statement with the Mississippi Department of Revenue, before July 15 each year, showing the total amount of waste managed at the facility during the preceding calendar year. At the same time the owner is required to pay to the Department of Revenue one dollar ($1.00) per ton of waste managed at the facility.

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For additional information concerning the solid waste facilities annual reporting requirements, please contact MDEQ’s Solid Waste Policy, Planning, & Special Programs Branch, at (601) 961-5726.

Annual Report Memoranda

Annual Report Forms

Status Reports on Solid Waste Management Facilities and Activities

Additional Annual Reporting Information

Mississippi Code Annotated Section 17-17-219 - Reporting and Filing Requirements for Commercial Solid Waste Disposal Facilities