Mississippi Task Force on Recycling

The State Task Force on Recycling has completed its 2006 Report to the Mississippi Legislature entitled “A Review of the Recycling Industry and the Recyclable Materials Markets in the State of Mississippi”. A copy of the report can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

The Mississippi Legislature created the State Task Force on Recycling in the 2004 Legislative session. The Task Force was originally created to develop a comprehensive state plan for a system to recycle household items and to serve as a consensus group to coordinate the efforts of the state and local governments to create an effective recycling system in the state. This report was finalized and provided to the Legislature early in the 2005 Legislative Session. See the links below for a copy of the 2004 report. In 2006, House Bill 896 was adopted by the State Legislature requiring the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) to assist the Task Force in developing a report assessing the status of the recycling industry and the recyclable materials markets in the state. Because the Task Force was assigned to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) under the original law, MDEQ has also assisted in facilitating the meetings and in developing this report to the Legislature by the Task Force in 2006. However, it should be noted that the observations and recommendations of this report are those of the State Task Force on Recycling and are not the recommendations of the MDA or the MDEQ.

The primary purpose of the 2006 Task Force report as described in House Bill 896 was to prepare a report assessing the recycling industry and recyclable materials markets in the State for the Legislature. This report includes a description of the process that the Task Force undertook in conducting its review. The minutes of the 2006 Task Force meetings from the past several months are below:

2006 Meeting Minutes and Task Force on Recycling Membership:

Listing of Members of the 2006 State Task Force on Recycling (To come)

2004 Task Force Information

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