City of Byram:

Contact Person: Kitty Thompson

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 720222, Byram, MS 39272

Physical Address: 550 Executive Boulevard, Byram, MS 39272

Drop Off Location: City of Byram Public Works Department at 550 Executive Blvd.

Phone: (601) 372-7791 Ext. 3406

Email: kthompson@byram-ms.us

Reference Website: http://byram-ms.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Byram-recycle-trifold-brochure.final_.pdf

Program Type: Local Government Drop Off Recycling Program

Materials Accepted: Paper and Cardboard, Plastics #1-7

City of Clinton:

Contact Person: Geraldine Sledge

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 156, Clinton, MS 39060

Physical Address: 525 Springridge Road, Clinton, MS 39056

Drop Off Location: Public Works Building at 525 Springridge Road

Phone: (601) 924-2239

Email: gsledge@clintonms.org

Reference Website: https://www.clintonms.org/departments/public-works/garbage-recycling/ 

Program Type: Local Government Curbside and Drop Off Recycling Program

Materials Accepted: Cardboard, Mixed Paper, Aluminum/Steel Cans, Pastics #1 and #2

D.D.J. Recycling:

Contact Person: Robert Wilson

Mailing Address: 1230 Springridge Road, Clinton, MS 39056

Drop Off Locations: 1230 Springridge Road, Clinton, MS 39056

Phone: (601) 503-3305

Email: DDJ.inc.ms@gmail.com

Program Type: Private Recycler

Materials Accepted: Cardboard, Plastics #1-2

Door 2 Door Recycling:

Contact Person: Faith Young, Owner

Phone: 1-888-564-7767

Email: d2drecycling@gmail.com

Reference Website: http://door2doorrecycling.com

Program Type: Paid subscription curbside and drop off recycling program

Materials Accepted: Aluminum and Steel Cans, Cardboard, Glass, Paper, Plastics #1-7

Hinds Community College:

Contact Person: Jason Pope, Mindy Stevens; Office of Sustainability

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1100, Raymond, MS 39154

Drop Off Locations: Hinds County Penal Farm (sorting facility), Raymond, MS

Phone: (601) 906-9975 (Jason), (769) 798-2403 (Mindy)

Email: jmpope@hindscc.edu (Jason), mstevens@hindscc.edu (Mindy)

Reference Website: http://www.hindscc.edu/offices/Office-of-Sustainability/index#gsc.tab=0

Program Type: College Campus Recycling Program (open to residents of Raymond and surrounding area)

Materials Accepted: Paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Cardboard

City of Jackson:

Contact Person: Alice Montgomery, Solid Waste Manager

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 17, Jackson, MS 39205

Physical Address: 200 S President St., Suite 523 , Jackson, MS 392015

Phone: (601) 960-1193

Email: amontgomery@city-jackson.ms.us

Reference Website: http://www.jacksonms.gov/index.aspx?nid=486

Program Type: Local government curbside recycling program

Materials Accepted: Paper and Cardboard, plastics #1-7, Aluminum and St+E50:J50eel Cans

Town of Raymond:

See Hinds Community College