Hercules, Inc. (Hattiesburg)

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EPA Region IV, RCRA 3013 (a) Order
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Hercules Inc. Site Improvements
This is a brief overview of recent work that occurred at Hercules Inc., Hattiesburg, MS.

Second Set
1-1SA11 GW Report_Complete 1-Sludge Characterization Bench Treatability Work Plan_ALL 1980_1984A1980-1984B 1980-1984C 1980-1984D 1980-1984E 1980-1984F 1980-1984G 1980-1984H 1985-1989A 1985-1989B1985-1989C1985-1989D1985-1989E1985-1989F1985-1989G1985-1989H1985-1989I1985-1989J1985-1989K 1989-1992E-F 1990-1994B 1990-1994C 2008A 2008B2008C2008D2008E2SA11 GW Reprot_Final_Complete Air Permit Appl. 2003 Air Permit Appl. Vol. 1 Jan. 96Air Permit Appl. Vol. III Jan.96AAir Permit Appl. Vol. III Jan. 96B Air Permit Appl. Vol. III Jan.96C App Title V Air Permit 1996 App Title V Air Permit Appen C_Vol II Corrective Action Plan 2004B Dioxathion Study 1999A Dioxathion Study 1999BDioxathion Study 1999CDioxathion Study 1999DDioxathion Study 1999EDioxathion Study 1999FDioxathion Study 1999GDioxathion Study 1999HEmission Reports 1984_1986 Emission Reports July 1983 Emission Reports Sept_1983 Emission Tests 1968_1985 Emissions Reports Jan_June 2000EPA Sludge Assm_Sept_2010 EPA Sludge Pit Assm_ Sept_2010A EPA Sludge Pit Assm_ Sept_2010B GW Report 2011 CoverGW Report 2011AGW Report 2011BGW Report 2011CGW Report 2011DMISC 1993_1996MISC Files 1973_1976 MISC Files 1977_1979MISC Files 1980_1989 MISC Files 1997_1998MISC Files 1999_2002 MISC Files 2003Monit Report Annual 2006A Monit Report Annual 2006BMonit Report Annual 2006CMonit Report Annual 2006DMonit Report Annual 2006EMonit Report Annual 2006FMonitoring Report 03_04A Monitoring Report 03_04B Monitoring Report 03_04C Monitoring Report 03_04D Monitoring Report 03_04EMonitoring Report 03_04FMonitoring Report 03_04GMonitoring Report 03_04HMonitoring Report 2005AMonitoring Report 2005BMonitoring Report 2006AMonitoring Report 2006BMonitoring Report 2006CMonitoring Report 2006DMonitoring Report 2006EMonitoring Report 2006FMonitoring Report 2006GMonitoring Report 2009AMonitoring Report 2009BMonitoring Report 2009CMonitoring Report 2009DMonitoring Report 2009EMonitoring Report 2009FMonitoring Report 2009GMonitoring Report 2009HMonitoring Report 2009IMonitoring Report 2009JMonitoring Report 2010A Monitoring Report 2010B Monitoring Report 2010CAppC J5681 1 Std Tal L2Final Report Total AnalyteMonitoring Report 2010DAppC J5681 1 Std Tal L2Final ReportMonitoring Report 2010EAppC J58869 1 Std Tal L2Final ReportMonitoring Report 2010FMonitoring Report 2010GMonitoring Report 2010HMonitoring Report 2010IMonitoring Report 2010JMonitoring Report 98_03AMonitoring Report 98_03BMonitoring Report 98_03CMonitoring Report 98_03DMonitoring Report 98_03EMonitoring Report Aug 07A Monitoring Report Aug 07BMonitoring Report Aug 07C Monitoring Report Aug 07DMonitoring Report Dec 07AMonitoring Report Dec 07BMonitoring Report Dec 07CMonitoring Report Feb 07AMonitoring Report Feb 07BMonitoring Report Feb 07CMonitoring Report March 07Monitoring Report May 2008AMonitoring Report May 2008BMonitoring Report May 2008CMonitoring Report May 2008DMonitoring Report Nov 08AMonitoring Report Nov 08C_1Monitoring Report Nov 08C_2Permit App 2008Permit Appl Vol 1 JAN 06Permit Application 2004 Permit Applications MAY 2000 Phase 1 S&A Plan CoverPhase 1 S&A Plan_A Phase 1 S&A Plan_BPhase 1 S&A Plan_CPhase 1 S&A Plan_DPhase 1 S&A Plan_E PRELIMINARY Assessment_APRELIMINARY Assessment_BPRELIMINARY Assessment_CPRELIMINARY Assessment_DPRELIMINARY Assessment_ERESPONSE to Multimedia InspectionRevised Phase I Work Plan_FINAL_FiguresRevised Phase I Work Plan_FINAL_Tables 1_11Revised Phase I Work Plan_FINAL_TextSample Results 2006 SEMI Annual Report 2002_2007SEMI Annual Reports 2001SEMI Annual Reports 2003SEMI Annual Reports 2008SITE Insp. Report 1993_B SITE Insp. Report 1993_C SITE Insp. Report 1993_DSITE Insp. Report 1993_ESITE Insp. Report 1993_FSITE Insp. Report 1993_G SITE Insp. Report 1993_HSITE Insp. Report 1993_ISite Invest Report 1999_June03_ASite Invest Report 1999_June03_BSite Invest Report 1999_June03_CSite Invest Report 1999_June03_DSite Invest Report 1999_June03_ESTACK TEST 1989Storage Tank Data 1988Storage Tank Data Forms 1988TITLE V Operating Permit Appl 2000 VOLUME 1 Cover VOLUME 1_AVOLUME 1_CVOLUME 1_DVOLUME 1_EVOLUME 1_FVOLUME 2 CoverVOLUME 2_A VOLUME 2_BVOLUME 2_CVOLUME 2_DVOLUME 2_EVOLUME 3 CoverVOLUME 3_AVOLUME 3_BVOLUME 3_CVOLUME 3_DVOLUME 3_EVOLUME 4 CoverVOLUME 4_AVOLUME 4_BVOLUME 4_CVOLUME 4_DVOLUME 4_EVOLUME 4_FVOLUME 4_GVOLUME 5 CoverVOLUME 5_AVOLUME 5_BVOLUME 5_CVOLUME 5_D